image-238x300John Risenhoover is the National Strategy Director for CCW Safe, a legal service membership for concealed carry permit holders.  CCW Safe is a new, yet strong company with members in all 50 states.  Before working for CCW Safe, John spent over 25 years in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives where he was a Senior Special Agent and the National Coordinator for the NIBIN Program (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network).  While in that position, John developed ATF’s National Strategy for Crime Gun Intelligence, which focuses not on the gun, but the actual shooter.  John was responsible for the development and implementation of the Bureau’s NIBIN program, which included training, strategy and management of over 150 Law Enforcement Partner sites throughout the United States.  While in his position of National Coordinator for the NIBIN program, John was able to take the program from being used as a forensic tool and on the verge of being defunded, to ATF and DOJ’s primary tool to combat gun violence.  This was all done by refocusing NIBIN into an Investigative Lead Tool and allowing Law Enforcement to target the active shooter on the street committing real gun violence.  John has presented his strategy to Congress, International Association for Chiefs of Police, Police Executive Research Forum, Major Chiefs, National Institute of Justice, Department of Justice, ATF and agencies around the nation.  John also currently serves as a Board Member on Arizona State University’s Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety.

John developed the Crime Gun Intelligence Strategy that moves the focus away from the gun and onto the individual illegally using the firearm, aka shooters.  This strategy allows law enforcement to use their limited resources to target the real problems in today’s society, the actual illegal use of firearm (shootings).  Before this strategy, many law enforcement agencies attempted to target the possession or purchasing of firearms.  While it can be illegal to possess a firearm or purchase a firearm by certain prohibited persons, the real issue for most people in high crime areas is the illegal use of firearms, such as Shots Fired (Attempted Murder), Illegal Discharge of a Firearm (Attempted Murder), Property Damage -Illegal Discharge of a Firearm into an Occupied Residence (Attempted Murder), Aggravated Assault (Attempted Murder) and, of course, Murder.  Many of these crimes will be downplayed to keep crime stats low and will never be investigated or only investigated for a short period of time.  By identifying shooters in the community, Crime Gun Intelligence allows Law Enforcement to be effective in combating real gun violence while preserving citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights.

Prior to this position, John was an intelligence officer in the Denver Field Division, where he developed the Denver Crime Gun Intelligence Center, the concept of moving NIBIN from a forensic tool to an investigative lead tool and ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence Strategy.  The Denver Crime Gun Intelligence Center is now considered the model for the nation and is seeing a significant reduction in actual gun violence by targeting shooters.  He was also involved in the investigation of the Aurora Theater Shooting and is currently subpoenaed  to testify.

Prior to this position, John was assigned to the ATF San Antonio Field Office where he spent two years as one of the primary investigator on the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation.  John was also wounded in the raid in Waco and involved in the criminal prosecution.  He was sued in Federal Court by the remaining Davidians and successfully sued the Media for their involvement in the failed raid.  In 1992, John was forced to shoot a suspect during a search warrant when the suspect pointed a rifle at him.  John was investigated and clear on this shooting.  He has received numerous awards during his 26 year career with ATF.  He was also assigned to the DEA Task Force and was involved in numerous major investigations.

John graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Financial Planning and Insurance.  John proudly served in the United states Marine Corps.